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When it comes to industrial cleaning, we excel at both small and large jobs. Exterior maintenance is essential to the productivity of your company and the safety of your employees, as well as to the preservation of the utility and value of your facilities and equipment. H2O Pressure Wash specializes in a variety of industrial cleaning jobs and have traveled out-of-state for large projects.

Industrial/Commercial Projects We've Done

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Industrial/Commercial Power Washing Services We Offer

We provide expert cleaning services in the following areas:

Industrial Sites and Equipment
No job is too big for H2O Pressure Wash. We’ve been called in to do everything from scouring wind turbine components in the Pacific Northwest to maintaining industrial campuses throughout the Midwest.
Buildings / Storefronts / Awnings / Restaurant & Bank Drive - thrus and Dumpster Pads
No matter the climate, weather can wreak havoc with your building’s exterior concrete drive-thrus and customer parking areas. Make a first impression, by letting H2O Pressure Wash keep it clean.
In order to prevent damage from salt and other chemicals, as well as to preserve an attractive first impression for visitors and a safe path for vehicles and pedestrians, keeping driveways and ramps clean and free from debris is essential.
Parking Lot Maintenance / Parking Garage Maintenance
Since these exterior areas are those most often used by employees and visitors, keeping them clean ensures their safety and discourages rodents and other pests from taking up residence.
Fleet Maintenance
Keeping your vehicles clean not only preserves your investment, it also illustrates your company cares about the smallest detail by keeping your fleet immaculate. H2O Pressure Wash efficiently manages the maintenance of your fleet with expert cleaning processes that produce better results in less time, freeing your employees for other more important tasks. Visit our other website dedicated to this cleaning service, Mobile Auto Clean, and schedule an appointment today.
Construction Cleanup
Let H2O Pressure Wash Systems assist you with those big cleaning jobs so that once construction is finished, the crew can get on to their next job and the new building can be accessed more quickly.
Graffiti Removal
Our high-tech methods make quick work of graffiti removal so your buildings and equipment are no longer marred by unsightly tags.

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We’ve worked with clients all over Nebraska and the United States, including recent projects cleaning wind turbines in Oregon, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Washington. Let us provide a free estimate for your commercial or industrial cleaning projects. Call (402) 708-3331 or click here »